Holistic Body Work | Noe Valley:  Dr. Smith is a talented body worker in San Francisco offering a mind-blowing array of services.  His office is located on Castro St. in beautiful Noe Valley.  Dr. Smith incorporates a wide variety of techniques which he tailors to fit each client’s specific needs.

Body Work Services Noe Valley
Body Work | Noe Valley

“Make sure that you always have the right tools for the job.  It’s no use trying to eat a steak with a teaspoon, and a straw.” 

~ Anthony T. Hicks

Body Work | Noe Valley 

Dr. Smith believes that no two treatments should be the same because no two people are the same.  He combines so many different modalities that it is almost hard to describe.  He passes seamlessly between chiropractic, massage, energy work, deep stretching, guided meditation, and craniosacral.  Dr. Smith teaches while he works and instructs while he heals.  You will leave his office understanding what it was that brought you there and what you need to do after you leave.  He is sometimes subtle and at other times intense.  Following is a list of his commonly used techniques and a brief description of each. 

Chiropractor Noe Valley

Dr. Smith trained at Palmer West and has been in practice for over 13 years. He will incorporate many different techniques to address your individual needs.  You may come to Dr. Smith for the treatment of back pain, but you will receive so much more.  Learn more about chiropractic…

Massage Therapy Techniques
Massage Therapy Techniques
Reiki Noe Valley

Dr. Smith practices the Usui system of Reiki and was attuned to the level of Reiki Master in 2010. He has provided thousands of sessions over the years.  A Reiki session is both relaxing and healing.  It can affect the entire body, inside and out.  Dr. Smith is now offering Reiki instructionLearn more about Reiki…

Dr. Smith applies kinesiotape to help reduce swelling, help your body more fully recruit underlying muscle fibers, and to stimulate proprioceptive input from the area.  While the research is still mixed, many high-level athletes find benefit from this technique, and there is very little downside.  Learn more about kinesio tape.

Noe Valley Kinesio Tape
Kinesio Tape
Noe Valley Ergonomics

Sitting at a desk for hours each day is a relatively recent phenomenon.  Our bodies were not built for the sustained stress of this posture.  Proper positioning of your body and equipment reduces the amount of overall stress and often the associated pain.  Learn more about ergonomics…

Fascia is the glue that holds our bodies together.  Various forms of stress lead to the accumulation of damage in our fascia.  Active Release Technique and other sorts of myofascial therapies help to lengthen that scar tissue thereby improving mobility and flexibility.  Learn more about ART…

Noe Valley Active Release Technique
Active Release
Craniosacral Noe Valley

The soft tissues in our bodies profoundly affect the nervous system.  Craniosacral Therapy is a subtle treatment technique which focuses on the skull, sacrum, and fascial connections throughout the spine.  It was originally developed by Osteopaths and is a central part of many of Dr. Smith’s treatments.  Learn more about Craniosacral…

Microcurrent Point Stimulation (MPS) Therapy is the world’s first integrative therapy developed exclusively to sympathetically DE-Regulate the ANS and fight chronic pain. The theoretical underpinnings of MPS Therapy are based on combining the “therapeutic pearls” of acupuncture, osteopathy, integrative dentistry, and neural therapy with modern neurology and microcurrent.  The future is now!  Learn more about microcurrent…

Noe Valley Dolphin Neurostim
Dolphin Neurostim
Noe Valley | Muscle Scraping
Muscle Scraping

In gua sha/muscle scraping, a technician scrapes your skin with a smooth-edged instrument to stimulate microcirculation of the soft tissue.  This increases blood flow and helps to break up fibrotic adhesions in the fascia. It is a more gentle alternative to Graston Technique.  Learn more about muscle scraping…

Expect to leave with a clear understanding of your issue and what you can do to further the healing process.  This may include stretching, strengthening, supplementation, or any number of other useful strategies.  The more active your participation, the better your results will be.  Learn more about our Therapeutic Instruction…

Noe Valley Therapeutic Instruction
Therapeutic Instruction
Noe Valley | Acupressure

Acupressure as a therapy developed over 5,000 years ago.  It as an important aspect of Asian, especially Chinese, medicine. It uses precise finger placement and pressure over specific points along the body. These points follow specific channels, known as meridians – the same channels used in acupuncture.  Learn more about Acupressure…