Massage Therapy SF

& Other Myofascial Techniques

Dr. Smith provides Massage Therapy in San Francisco at 1304 Castro Street, 94114.  It is effective for most types of physical pain including both acute and chronic pain.

The Fascial system of the body surrounds and envelops muscles, nerves, blood vessels, and organs alike.  It houses the meridians described by Eastern Medicine and provides a route for communication between tissues.  It organizes healing processes, nurtures, and helps to sustain the body.

As Within, So Without

While Chiropractic focuses on joints and mobility, Massage focuses on the soft tissues of the body and movement patterns.  Doctor Smith uses a wide variety of massage techniques based on the patient’s symptoms, body type, and tolerance to pressure.

Massage can help to reduce muscle tightness, break-up scar tissue, reduce pain and swelling, improve circulation,  and improve one’s overall state of health.  Dr. Smith leans toward the more intense massage modalities which explore the deeper fibers and have more of a therapeutic effect.  

Everyone’s preference for massage style is different, and finding the right therapist can be a challenge.  Dr. Smith is very strong and has learned over the years how to effectively leverage his body weight.  However, he can also be very gentle when it is appropriate.  It is not uncommon to be sore for several days following a massage session.

Massage is an ancient approach to health and has been practiced across the world for thousands of years.  After an injury, massaging the area is the natural and almost automatic response.  

Dr. Smith uses may techniques including:

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage
on Castro St.

Postural muscles support us against gravity and are sometimes injured in an accident.  Deeper muscles often cause pain and discomfort, but they can be challenging to reach.  Dr. Smith has learned to temper his strength with intuition and works on the deeper fibers without damaging them.  

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Therapeutic Massage
on Castro St.

The intention of therapeutic massage is to break down scar tissue and help integrate it with the surrounding tissue.  We develop scar tissue from from accidents, repetitive stress injuries, and poor posture.  Dr. Smith incorporates Therapeutic Massage as needed throughout his treatments.

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Therapeutic Massage
lymphatic drainage

Lymphatic Drainage
on Castro St.

Inflammation is a natural part of the healing process, but it can accumulate and become stagnant.  Lymphatic massage helps to push the residual and excess inflammation back into the lymphatic system. This type of massage can be helpful for both acute and chronic issues.

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Scar Tissue Release
on Castro St.

Damaged tissue becomes inflamed, and inflammation leads to the deposition of scar tissue.  Scar tissue shortens as it heals leaving the area tight and reducing flexibility.  Scar tissue massage focuses on breaking up excess scare tissue, helping it to better reorganize.

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scar tissue massage
Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger Point Therapy
on Castro St.

Trigger Points are described as hyperirritable spots in the fascia surrounding skeletal muscle. They often cause burning pain in the surrounding area and painful radiation patterns into more distant areas. Trigger points are often complicated to treat, but Dr. Smith does so effectively.

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Sports Massage on Castro St.

While Dr. Smith treats all of his clients with the utmost of care, he specializes in treating athletes.  He was named “Best of Atlanta” for post workout care in 2015.  Dr. Smith is especially adept at treating runners, skaters, and those in the circus arts community. 

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sports massage