Have you ever felt pain in your feet after your daily workout wondered whether or no something has gone wrong? It is wise for any athlete or dedicated exerciser to pay attention to signals from your body.  If that pain persists, you might need to dig deeper to find a solution. After all, your feet aren’t supposed to hurt, and it is hard to get around without them.

Can Chiropractors Help with Foot Pain?
Chiropractors and Foot Pain

Dr. Smith uses chiropractic adjustments and a wide variety of massage techniques to address foot pain in San Francisco.

Why Foot Pain?

Joggers might feel foot pain because their sneakers are old or they ran on a surface that was harder than normal. Otherwise an athlete might be using improper form which leads to improper bio-mechanics thus causing foot pain. Ignoring such pain could ultimately lead to damage to the bones, tendons, or muscles. Go to a physician to check things out.

Of course, you may wonder what sort of physician is right at such times.  A chiropractor may be your ideal first choice. 

How can chiropractors help with foot pain? 

Just consider what is required of the body during any sort of exercise or training. It demands balance and mobility, stability and strength, agility and flexibility, and of course it requires endurance.  Any of these demands might cause excess pressure or even pain in the feet? 

Being balanced and mobile require the use of the feet and ankles. Being stable and strong also means relying on the ankles and feet. Flexibility and agility also need the feet, and endurance sports have an impact on the feet, too

So, to answer the question of “how can chiropractors help with foot pain?“, you must consider what is it that they do. A chiropractor is an expert at working with the body and discovering how the different structures are working together.  When you are out of alignment structures may move differently to provide balance, something known as compensatory movement. This movement is out of form, or a big “no no” in athletic training. In fact, almost any high intensity athlete can benefit from a chiropractor’s exam, as this will reveal how they have unknowingly adjusted their movements to accommodate weaknesses.

When you have foot pain, it is likely that compensatory movements have caused you to move the feet and ankles improperly too. This leads to pain, and if not adjusted properly, it can lead to reduced athletic performance and even long term damage to the bones or tendons in the feet.

Don’t play through the pain – whether it is high intensity athletics, or just your everyday workouts, you need to discover what is causing your foot pain. Visit your favorite local chiropractor to discuss any issues that you are having and learn how you can begin to overcome it through optimal training and chiropractic therapies.