FAQ’s | Sports Chiropractic & Massage | San Francisco:  You’ve got questions when it comes to finding an Alternative Healthcare Provider, and Dr. Smith will do his best to help you answer them.  Answers to more common questions regarding Insurance, What to Expect on your First Visit, and even the parking situation.  If you don’t see the answer to your particular question, please reach out!

FAQ's Dr. Smith
Sports Chiropractic & Massage | San Francisco - FAQ's

There is a code to get in the office.  It will be provided in both your confirmation and reminder emails. 

Knocking on the door also works 🙂

Do You Accept Insurance ?

In a word No.

It is more paperwork than I find to be reasonable & I spend more time with patients than traditional Chiropractors.  Insurers don’t want to pay for it.  That being said,  While I do not accept insurance assignment,  I am more than happy to submit claims on your behalf or supply a superbill for your submission.

Do You Treat on the First Visit ?

Yes!  That’s the whole point…

On the first visit I will do a detailed history, physical exam, treat the problem that brought you in, explain to you what likely caused it, and give you home stretches, exercises, etc.  

Do You Accept Medicare ?

Again No, and for basically the same reasons.  The $18 that the federal gov. wants to pay for an adjustment doesn’t cover the 30-90 min that I would like to spend with you

If you are over 65 and want to be treated, you will need to sign an ABN (Advanced Beneficiary Notice).  It is basically a piece of paperwork that spells out everything that Medicare doesn’t cover (i.e. anything but a single spinal adjustment and only if it is an acute injury).

Will I Need X-Rays or Imaging ?

That depends, but my knee-jerk response is no. 

However, I reserve the right to request imaging if you have been in a significant accident, are not responding to care, have some sort of significant structural deformity that needs to be quantified (e.g. exactly how dramatic is your scoliosis or is there degeneration around it), have clinical indications suggesting that we should do imaging (e.g. you can’t stand on a really swollen and bruised ankle), or if you are involved in litigation and we need documentation (I tend to stay away from these…not chasing ambulances).

How Often Do I Need to Get Treated ?

That depends on what your problem is.

In general, I am very conservative.  I would rather treat less and have you do a comprehensive home program. 

If your body is under a lot of stress, you may need treatment more often.  The better you manage the stress on your body, the less care you will require.

What Are Your Fees Based On ?

Everything that I do is based on Time.

I am not interested in charging you for every individual service that I might provide.  That is another reason that my approach to care is incompatible with insurance. 

I would rather do whatever is necessary to get you better and charge a fair rate for my time than nickle and dime you for every random modality.

What's the Parking Situation ?

Actually, it’s strangely easy to park near my office.

I find street parking on a daily without really having to try.

The Walgreen’s across the street offers free parking for 1 hour.

In a pinch there is paid parking on the main drag, but I’ve never needed to use it.

What Services will be Provided?

That very much depends on what you need and what brings you in.  Most patients receive a combination of therapies often including:  chiropractic, massage, craniosacral, acupressure, and therapeutic instruction.  Your current state and preferences will very much guide the decision making process.  Please share!