Dr. Smith has been treating patient’s in Atlanta and the Bay Area for 14+ years.  Many of his patients have been kind enough to leave feedback in the form of reviews.  If you are considering Dr. Smith as a provider, please read what others have to say.  If you have been under care, please feel free to share your experiences.

“This is the gospel of Rolfing: when the body gets working appropriately, the forces of gravity can flow through.  Then, spontaneously, the body heals itself.”

~Ida P. Rolf, Ph D.

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I herniated my L4 & L5 playing football, couldn't get out of bed, move, missed work for 2 weeks before visiting Dr. Smith. I heard great things from my mother-in-law who used Dr. Smith for massage therapy. After my first visit I could almost touch my toes and finally dress myself. It was a HUGE gain. Dr. Smith helped me get back to 100% and also adjusted and massaged me for preventive maintenance as I like to stay active. Highly recommend!
Morgan has mastered the ability to combine his knowledge of the body with his innate perception as to its inner workings to heal. He is truly the best chiropractor/massage therapist I have ever had work on me and has relieved me of issues with my back as well as stress. He has also worked on my mom and healed her from previous surgeries and pain. He is truly a gift to anyone who has the pleasure to see him!
Dr. Smith is the best chiropractor I've had (out of 7 of them!) Other chiropractors just give a quick neck crack and you're out in 5 minutes. Dr. Smith's adjustments cover the whole body, utilize massage, and last a really long time. He keeps my headaches at bay!
As a very active 60 year old, I've been using Dr. Smith for several years for everything from lifelong low back pain to various mtn bike injuries to one serious car accident (luckily I had my seat belt on). He is an amazing, intuitive healer with a full gamut of therapies at his fingertips. I feel very fortunate that I found Morgan as I know for a fact he has "kept me in the game". He is as good as it gets!!!!!!!!!!
I have been going to Morgan for close to 10 years and I’ve never had better massage and adjustments from all of the many chiropractors I’ve been to over many years. Morgan has gotten me through lots of back and neck problems including a car accident over the many years and he has the best bedside manner and sense of humor. Atlanta’s loss is San Francisco’s gain.
Dr, Morgan is the best chiropractor ever to work with me and my pain. Even though I moved away from his office in Decatur, GA. quite a few years ago, I have continued to follow his career. I still use some of the techniques he taught me to help manage TMJ and shoulder pain when they flair up. I wish him all the success he deserves and congratulate his new patients on their wise choice. They will not be disappointed.
I was referred to Dr. Morgan Smith by a friend in Atlanta who was sad to lose him from his move to San Francisco but happy to send me to him...he is one of the best EVER...I have seen many body workers in my time and I appreciate that he knows many modalities and makes use of them all...highly recommended.
I never take time to write recommendations, but I found a wonderful chiropractor, Dr. Morgan Smith of Sports Chiropractic & Massage SF. Dr. Morgan takes his time to hear what your pain and issues are, then approaches treatment holistically instead of cracking your bones and sending you on your way in 15 minutes. I have had an issue with my left leg for over a year, where I could only walk about 100 feet before incurring excruciating leg pain. I've gone to numerous chiropractors, acupuncturists, and doctors over the course of the year and no one could help me figure out what was wrong... until I miraculously found Dr. Morgan. He treated me for for a full 1 hour+ session of full body adjustments & body work, then he spent the time to educate me on how to continue my treatment at home. He demonstrated stretching exercises to ensure continued healing for the long-run. I am happily walking around he neighborhood pain free! He even has the time to email me back when I have questions. Dr. Morgan is true gem! If you want someone with integrity, knowledge, experience, and patience--go see Dr. Morgan Smith of Sports Chiropractic & Massage. Also, check out his awesome blog--it's chocked full of great info.

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