Massage Therapy | Mission:  Dr. Smith provides Massage Therapy as one of his many services.  It has been shown to be effective for both acute and chronic pain.  Dr. Smith incorporates many types of Massage including: Sports Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Trigger Point Massage, and Therapeutic Massage.  Not sure what it is that you need?  Let Dr. Smith help you understand your underlying issue and take appropriate action.

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It’s All About the Fascia

The Fascial system of the body surrounds and envelops muscles, nerves, blood vessels, and organs alike.  It houses the meridians described by Eastern Medicine and provides a route for communication between tissues.  It organizes healing processes, nurtures, and helps to sustain the body.

Massage Therapy | Mission

While Chiropractic focuses on joints and mobility, Massage focuses on the soft tissues of the body and movement patterns.  Doctor Smith uses a wide variety of massage techniques based on the patient’s symptoms, body type, and tolerance to pressure.

Massage can help to reduce muscle tightness, break-up scar tissue, reduce pain and inflammation, improve circulation, and improve one’s overall state of health.  Dr. Smith leans toward the more intense massage modalities which explore deep muscle fibers and have more of a therapeutic effect.  

Everyone’s preference for massage style is different, and finding the right therapist can be a challenge.  Dr. Smith is very strong and has learned over the years how to effectively leverage his body weight.  However, he can also be very gentle when it is appropriate.  It is not uncommon to be sore for several days following a massage session.

Massage is an ancient approach to health and has been practiced across the world for thousands of years.  After an injury, massaging the area is the natural and almost automatic response.  

Dr. Smith uses many techniques including:

If you are looking for an affordable and effective massage in San Francisco, give us a try.  You will not be disappointed.
Deep Tissue Massage | Noe Valley
Mission | Deep Tissue Massage

Dr. Smith is very strong, but tempers his strength with experience.  He gets into the deepest fibers of the muscles, releasing painful stressDeep tissue massage can be uncomfortable at times, but overall should be tolerable.  Learn more

 Dr. Smith provides Therapeutic Massage in San Francisco.   The goal is to help soft tissue injuries heal more fully and effectively.  Learn more

Noe Valley Therapeutic Massage
Therapeutic Massage | Mission
Noe Valley Lymphatic Drainage
Mission | Lymphatic Drainage

Dr. Smith integrates this gentle technique into his overall treatment plan to address chronic inflammation and swelling.  Learn more

Scar tissue can inhibit the mobility of tissues and lead to various chronic pain syndromes.  After a c-section delivery or following any operation, it is important for long term healing to treat the resulting scar tissue appropriately.  Learn more

Noe Valley Scar Tissue Release
Mission | Scar Tissue Release
Trigger Point Therapy Noe Valley
Mission | Trigger Point Therapy

Dr. Smith is an expert at treating trigger points in San FranciscoTrigger point therapy can be a very safe and effective means of treating many types of pain.  Learn more

 While Dr. Smith treats all of his clients with the utmost of care, he specializes in treating athletes.  He was named “Best of Atlanta” for post workout care in 2015 & 2018.  Dr. Smith is especially adept at treating runners, skaters, and circus arts performers.  Learn more

Noe Valley Sports Massage
Mission | Sports Massage